Console war: The Xbox 360 V the Nintendo Wii

Out in the far reaches of the internet, in geeky forums, debate continues to rage over which is the best next generation console.


So far the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 have both sold well but it’s actually very difficult to say which system has the edge over the other.


At £180 a pop, the Wii is slightly cheaper than the £190 premium Xbox with 20 GB hard drive, however, it is nowhere near as graphically powerful.


The main appeal of the Wii lies elsewhere in its truly innovative controls, using the players own movement to control the in-game character, whether swinging a bat or a sword.


Unfortunately, this usually great system, can be hugely frustrating when handled badly by game designers, while the Xbox plays it safe and stick to more classic controls.


Both consoles have huge online content but with gold membership to Xbox Live you can not only purchase games, with money or earned gamer points, but also challenge perfect strangers to fights if you‘re feeling particularly aggressive. 


Microsoft’s system also has the advantage in terms of the sheer number of games available, though you better like shooters.


Overall, the Wii’s probably best for pure fun whereas the Xbox offers a truer gaming experience as long as you can avoid the dreaded red ring of death, which means it’s time to send the console off for a free repair. 


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