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Welcome to Ragazine.co.uk – Northern Ireland’s newest destination for online news, reviews and interviews.

Ragazine.co.uk should be your one-stop site for news, entertainment and exclusive content. All brought to you by a team of young journalists, based across Northern Ireland.

Our varied team of writers will bring you up to the minute feeds on everything, from politics to rock performances.  

Our journalists have written, and continue to write, for notable publications throughout Northern Ireland.

Ragazine.co.uk aims to bring you a mixture of creative and entertaining content, with strong journalism at its core.

Contact Ragazine

If you would like to contribute to Ragazine’s online editorial content, or have press enquiries, email Editor@Ragazine.co.uk

Ragazine Journalists

GREGG NICHOLL gregg@ragazine.co.uk – News (South Belfast), Gigs, Reviews.

DONNA MCGARRY donna@ragazine.co.uk – News (West Belfast), Gigs, Entertainment.

PAUL REILLY paul@ragazine.co.uk – News (Ards/North Down), Politics, Business.

MICHELLE SMYTH michelle@ragazine.co.uk – News (South Down), Investigations, Crime.

ROBYN CLARE SCOTT robyn@ragazine.co.uk – News (North Belfast), Features, Reviews, Gaming.

SUSAN MCCULLOUGH susan@ragazine.co.uk – News (East Belfast), Food & Drink, Lifestyle.

STEPHANIE MCGUCKIN steph@ragazine.co.uk – News (Londonderry), Entertainment, Music,  Features.  




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