Console war: The Xbox 360 V the Nintendo Wii

July 20, 2008

Out in the far reaches of the internet, in geeky forums, debate continues to rage over which is the best next generation console.


So far the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 have both sold well but it’s actually very difficult to say which system has the edge over the other.


At £180 a pop, the Wii is slightly cheaper than the £190 premium Xbox with 20 GB hard drive, however, it is nowhere near as graphically powerful.


The main appeal of the Wii lies elsewhere in its truly innovative controls, using the players own movement to control the in-game character, whether swinging a bat or a sword.


Unfortunately, this usually great system, can be hugely frustrating when handled badly by game designers, while the Xbox plays it safe and stick to more classic controls.

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Review: The Incredible Hulk

June 26, 2008

Edward NortonThe Incredible Hulk does not get off to the best start with a scattergun opening segment that seems to be trying to explain the creation of the hulk in about 90 seconds.

In a series of rushed scenes the audience is shown scientist Bruce Banner subjecting himself to a military experiment that goes ever so slightly wrong, creating a green monster which appears whenever he gets angry.

The film does pick up a bit as the story proper begins in Brazil, where Bruce is living in hiding from the US military, trying to avoid another destructive episode through calming meditation and exercise.

However, from then on, it can’t seem to decide whether it wants to be a treatise on one man’s struggle with his inner monster or an all-out action film.

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Films to see before you die: Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

June 22, 2008

Forget The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, people seeking some real whip-cracking fun would do better to stick with the original, and best, Indiana Jones film.

Made back in 1981, before Shia LaBeouf was even born, Raiders of the Lost Ark introduces Harrison Ford as the eponymous archaeologist Indiana.

Rather than spend hours staring at shards of pottery like his colleagues, however, it quickly becomes clear Mr Jones prefers adventuring in exotic places.

Through the course of the film, set in 1936, Indy ends up embroiled in a quest to find the Ark of the Covenant, battling a group of Nazis who also want to get their pesky hands on it.

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Walk on by culture selfish or justified?

June 22, 2008


A TERRIFIED young woman cries out as she is violently assaulted and has her clothes ripped off along a busy road, a split second decision must be made as to whether to intervene or not.

According to a new Downing Street report you would probably walk on by.

The report carried out by Government advisor Louise Casey is based on the views of 13,000 people about our justice system and concludes that most people wouldn’t intervene due to fears for their own safety or of being arrested.

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Five things….to bring on holiday

June 20, 2008


1. Passport and tickets. You’ll not get very far without them and, no matter how pretty you are, flirting with airport security probably won’t help. Money is also essential. You’ve worked hard all year to earn it and now it’s time to blow it all on completely useless souvenirs and undercooked foreign food.

2. A tacky novel. Think Dan Brown or Helen Fielding depending on your sex. The book will preserve your sanity during those hideous but seemingly inevitable 12 hour plane delays spent in an overcrowded airport. Puzzles are also good. Sudoku anyone?

3. Camera. How would you feel without photos of all those great sunburnt moments?

4. MP3 player. For when you can no longer bear the sound of your travelling companions voices and you need to block them out. It’s better than starting to scream.

5. A cuddly toy. A fluffy reminder of home which will fit neatly into a suitcase.

Hollywood hell – The death of another franchise

May 26, 2008

Indiana Jones BY GREGG NICHOLL –

INDIANA JONES, archaeologist, teacher,  legend. Arguably one of the greatest action adventure franchises of all time from its outstanding debut Raiders of the Lost Ark, to its stellar sequels The Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade.

When Bloggers, fan boys and film go-ers heard about a sequel to the now almost 3 decades old franchise getting another instalment people went crazy, as did I. The idea of seeing Dr. Jones punching and whipping the bad guys again was all too good to be true.

Then the fear set in.

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Five things…to do on a Bank Holiday

May 24, 2008

1. Decide to go on a day trip. You’ll probably spend most of the time stuck in motorway traffic in a hot car with a backing track of blaring horns but the five minutes you spend at the zoo/castle/beach will all be worth it.

2. Stay closer to home and enjoy a visit to the local cinema. Watch the latest blockbuster with a bunch of over-excited kids high on e-numbers pelting down the aisles.

3. Go shopping like a mindless drone. Pointless consumerism will alleviate the boredom of having nothing else to do and you‘ve just got to get that latest CD/game/DVD.

4. Sleep. Then sleep some more.

5. Abandon any attempt to relax, give in and go into work on double pay.