Focus: Children in the DR Congo

July 20, 2008


In 1898 Joseph Conrad wrote The Heart of Darkness about the atrocities committed under King Leopold’s rule in the Eastern Congo. Over a century on, the region, now a fully independent country, continues to be plagued by violence and suffering

The cause of this may no longer be the corrupt colonial regime of an eccentric Belgian despot, but the end results are the same and, as is usual in these situations, women and children have been worst affected

The Red Cross has estimated that 40,000 people have died every month since 1998, putting the total of number of dead in the millions. Starvation and disease ensures the death toll still increases daily

The Congo has lacked real stability since dictator Mobutu, who himself committed atrocities in the country he personally named Zaire, was deposed in 1997 by Laurent Kabila, with the support of Rwanda and Uganda

A new Democratic Republic of the Congo was formed but fighting between different rebel factions, aided and abetted by other African nations, has continued to varying degrees ever since.

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Walk on by culture selfish or justified?

June 22, 2008


A TERRIFIED young woman cries out as she is violently assaulted and has her clothes ripped off along a busy road, a split second decision must be made as to whether to intervene or not.

According to a new Downing Street report you would probably walk on by.

The report carried out by Government advisor Louise Casey is based on the views of 13,000 people about our justice system and concludes that most people wouldn’t intervene due to fears for their own safety or of being arrested.

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We Are Wolves will huff and puff and blow you away!

May 15, 2008



WE ARE WOLVES, how does anyone begin to describe these French Canadian genre hopping dance punk enthusiasts? Umm… suppose that’s a start… but it’s not enough!


Belfast won’t know what hit it when these guys have the crowds barking at the moon come May 28th.


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Northern Irish DJ Fergie back on home turf

May 2, 2008



IT is safe to say that most of us get that inner cringe feeling when we hear someone from Northern Ireland speak on the radio or TV. The unmistakable twang usually sparks the dreaded question ‘Oh no, do I sound THAT bad?’

We’ve been lucky enough to export some of the country’s finest across the media spectrum to represent our dodgy accent and no-one has done us more proud than dance music DJ, Fergie who is most famous for taking Radio 1 by storm with his controversial weekly show.

There is no denying that Fergie, better known as Robert Ferguson to friends and family, has an impressive CV spanning over ten years playing to music lovers worldwide. Gigging across the globe in places like Hong Kong, Berlin and the clubber’s paradise that is Ibiza, this Larne native could be considered a DJ veteran at only 28. Read the rest of this entry »

Focus: Northern Ireland, immigration nation?

May 2, 2008


FOR decades Northern Ireland was hardly the first choice of destination for foreign travellers, but, with the advent of the peace process, Ulster has finally begun to draw visitors from across the globe.

After enduring over forty years of sectarian violence and civil conflict, Northern Ireland has started to gradually put the troubled past behind it, hesistantly becoming a multi-cultural society.

Much of this change has been the result of the ongoing peace process, which last year has led to the well publicised restoration of devolved government, led by the so-called ‘chuckle brothers,’ Ian Paisley and Martin McGuiness.

Whereas before Northern Ireland was made up almost solely of the two warring Protestant and Catholic traditions, it has a newfound stability and as result gained a surprisingly large number of immigrants.

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Beat brekkie into you for a baby boy

April 23, 2008

PREGNANT women who consume more calories and eat breakfast during pregnancy are more likely to give birth to sons, new research suggests.

The study, the first of it’s kind to claim an expecting mother’s diet is linked to a baby’s gender found women who ate around 2,200 calories a day were 1.5 times more likely to have a boy than those who ate less than 1,850 calories a day.

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Another Death in Bridgend

April 22, 2008
Sean ReesANOTHER young person has been found dead in the Bridgend county of South Wales.
The body of the man, named locally as Sean Rees aged 19, was found on Sunday in the village of Bettws. He has been described as “happy go lucky” by family.
It has been reported that Sean was discovered hung in a wooded lane after rowing with friends the night before.
Police have said the death did not occur in suspicious circumstances but have launched an investigation.

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