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Can you think of an unjust cause you want our reporters to investigate? Or is there just something completely bizarre you want to see them do? Get in contact and let us know!

This week’s reporter and challenge:



RESULT OF CHALLENGE: PASS!! Read what happened and check out the photos below.

WHEN Donna, a fellow Ragazine hack challenged me to get on the tourist bus for free my initial thought was ”not a mission wee doll!” However, after some concerted effort which included a slick of lip gloss and much eyelash batting (all in the name of competition), Peter the tour guide muttered the impossible: “go on ahead up there girls” .

So myself and Donna made our way to the top of the open-top bus giggling like two school girls after sneaking a sip of their ma’s bacardi and coke.

Once on the bus, after the initial feeling of victory had passed, we were hit with the realisation that we were going to be stuck on a double decker bus for an hour and a half, driving around belfast looking at sights we see everyday.

And to top it off we were surrounded by foreigners who unlike us in our spring-time attire were well ‘hopped up’ in big coats.

However, the craic was ninety!

Driving down the street pretending to be a tourist in your own town is surprisingly good fun, we got to see sights such as the Albert Clock and Dunnes stores from an angle we had never witnessed them from before.

The most interesting sights for us natives, however, proved to be the tourists and their reactions to Belfast-as they craned their necks to take pictures of the murals on the Falls and Shankill it made me wonder how people in foreign countries view us when we’re on holiday.

The highlight of the trip has got to be the tourists ducking and failing to avoid the branches which whacked them in the face as we drove up the Lisburn road. To our shame we cackled and took photographs as all around us there was an uproar of “foo£$king Brranches” in broken english with a Spanish accent. Hilarious.

However, in the true spirit of the distinct Northern Irish humour, the Spaniards were laughing at themselves too and we had the sneaking suspicion they were hamming it up for our cameras!

All in all, it was a great day out we would recommend to anyone even if they are NI natives. From the heights of the big red bus you are sure to see something you haven’t before or see something you’re used to in a new light. Just remember to wrap up warm as it gets mighty windy up there!


Our tour guide Peter-isn’t he lovely!


Us…on the bus!

Our very own leaning tower of pisa-the aul Albert Clock

 Harland and Wolff

 Glamming it up on the open top

Donna demonstrates how not to wear your hair while travelling with the top down.

Bobby Sands mural on Falls Road

After completing the challenge!


2 Responses to Challenge the Reporter

  1. Mike says:

    Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!

    Did you know that over 94% of personal computers have hidden corrupt dangerous files with over 150 hidden errors and bugs on them?

  2. Donna says:

    You like? I think we need a new challenge, any suggestions Mike?!

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