Five things….to bring on holiday

June 20, 2008


1. Passport and tickets. You’ll not get very far without them and, no matter how pretty you are, flirting with airport security probably won’t help. Money is also essential. You’ve worked hard all year to earn it and now it’s time to blow it all on completely useless souvenirs and undercooked foreign food.

2. A tacky novel. Think Dan Brown or Helen Fielding depending on your sex. The book will preserve your sanity during those hideous but seemingly inevitable 12 hour plane delays spent in an overcrowded airport. Puzzles are also good. Sudoku anyone?

3. Camera. How would you feel without photos of all those great sunburnt moments?

4. MP3 player. For when you can no longer bear the sound of your travelling companions voices and you need to block them out. It’s better than starting to scream.

5. A cuddly toy. A fluffy reminder of home which will fit neatly into a suitcase.


Iris Robinson’s remedy leaves bad taste in mouth

June 8, 2008

ONE STEP forward for man and a giant leap back for womankind.

In the same week her husband got his foot in the door as Northern Ireland’s First Minister,  MP Iris Robinson’s foot was firmly lodged in her mouth as she claimed gay people need psychiatric help.

Mrs Robinson, Chair of the Stormont Health Commitee made the comments on Stephen Nolan’s BBC Radio Ulster show on Friday.

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Robinson New NI First Minister

June 5, 2008

PETER Robinson officially took office today as Northern Ireland’s First Minister.

The recently elected DUP leader, took his pledge of office followed by re-nominated Sinn Fein deputy Martin McGuiness.

Earlier in the week Stormont sources hinted that Sinn Fein could refuse to put forward their deputy First Minister candidate, a move which would have stalled the devolved government.

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Less Stress – Morcheeba

June 3, 2008



THE multi million selling mood encapsulating soulsters, Morcheeba are setting sail for Belfast in what is sure to be an astoundingly blissful and rousing debut.


We caught up with scratch master Paul Godfrey as he sat in his garden, taking a well deserved break after Morcheeba floated through the American and European legs of the tour.


“This’ll be the first time that we’ve played Belfast. I’ve deejayed there quite a few times over the years, if the crowd reaction is anything like the dj gigs, then it’ll be incredible.


They were always so much fun. I’d get drunker than the audience; the promoter described it as the blind leading the blind!”


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Hollywood hell – The death of another franchise

May 26, 2008

Indiana Jones BY GREGG NICHOLL –

INDIANA JONES, archaeologist, teacher,  legend. Arguably one of the greatest action adventure franchises of all time from its outstanding debut Raiders of the Lost Ark, to its stellar sequels The Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade.

When Bloggers, fan boys and film go-ers heard about a sequel to the now almost 3 decades old franchise getting another instalment people went crazy, as did I. The idea of seeing Dr. Jones punching and whipping the bad guys again was all too good to be true.

Then the fear set in.

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Five things…to do on a Bank Holiday

May 24, 2008

1. Decide to go on a day trip. You’ll probably spend most of the time stuck in motorway traffic in a hot car with a backing track of blaring horns but the five minutes you spend at the zoo/castle/beach will all be worth it.

2. Stay closer to home and enjoy a visit to the local cinema. Watch the latest blockbuster with a bunch of over-excited kids high on e-numbers pelting down the aisles.

3. Go shopping like a mindless drone. Pointless consumerism will alleviate the boredom of having nothing else to do and you‘ve just got to get that latest CD/game/DVD.

4. Sleep. Then sleep some more.

5. Abandon any attempt to relax, give in and go into work on double pay.

Mamma Mia, it’s Meryl!

May 18, 2008

OSCAR winning actress Meryl Streep wrote a fan letter eight years ago, unbeknownst to her it would bag her a lead role in her favourite musical.

With countless films under her belt, timeless good looks and arguably more talent than most of today’s young Hollywood as a collective, Meryl is usually on the recieving end of fan letters.

However, after watching the musical Mamma Mia! on Broadway eight years ago, Meryl decided to pen one herself.

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